Vaccinate your kid, damn it!

It has been a while, but I’m hoping to get this thing really started…

And what better way, than to chastise my acquaintances who have chosen for some ignorant reason to not vaccinate their children.  I really am not sure I can even be your friend, now knowing how really stupid you are. Because I thought you were a genuinely nice person, I thought I could put up with your home schooling, granola-eating, vitamin supplement, super conservative, holier-than-thou attitude, had a bunch of kids, even though I am living on state assistance, but I am not really sure I can tolerate your attitude of superiority and the exercise of your so-called personal freedom over the welfare of all.   It is the illogical argument you use that just grinds my corn.

I’m really all for personal freedom. I  am! But not if it threatens others. Do you pay insurance for your car?  Do you think YOU will have an accident? Of course not. YOU are a great driver. But you still pay it, because of the other not-as-great-as-you drivers out there. AND, of course, the state requires it. But the same logic doesn’t apply for vaccinations? What?

You don’t want to vaccinate your kid?  Then don’t. But please move to the remote wilderness of Montana or Alaska where your contact with others will be very limited. There you can feel VERY superior over all of God’s misguided creatures who obviously do not love their children as much as you love yours.

Now, of course, YOUR child will not be the one who get Measles. Nope. That is not even a worry. YOUR child will be safe.  But how can you look at yourself in the mirror, knowing that when your CHILD is 25, he may contract this deadly, (YES ,DEADLY) disease.    Let’s chat then, ok?

found time…

as exciting as found money…
Was supposed to be on a work trip out of the country for the entire week and got a call Sunday morning that the meeting had been cancelled. Yippee!

Since, my car got hit on Friday and even though it is extremely minor, it is a pain in the ass. At least 8 phone calls so far… and need to get the car into the body shop for an estimate. Will definitely pursue making a claim for my time!


Ray Rice and the NFL

You know, the more I’ve thought about this, the less concerned I am with Ray Rice and his actions. He admitted fault and is/was in counseling. I actually feel a little empathy towards him and his family as I’ve understood that they were working (I’m hoping) to put this behind them and become better people… better able to limit their alcohol use, manage their anger issues and develop better communication skills. only to have it resurface.
I’m much more concerned with the NFL/Ravens attitude towards domestic violence. And how knowing he knocked out his now-wife was not enough to merit significant consequences. The video made it real. The brutality, the lack of remorse. And oh my ‘The Publicity’. Only when it became clear that this was not going to be kept quiet did the league act. Reacting to the public outcry rather than the offense. That is the true crime.
But who are we to blame? The NFL is first and foremost a business. Don’t deny that MONEY drives every single decision. It is a billion dollaar business that is fraught with immature and over grown, testoterone-fueled man-children who are unable to manage their behavior in responsible ways. (I’m not throwing all players into this group, but a significant number…) They have been taught since they were young phenoms that the rules are different for them. They get special considerations in virtually every aspect of their lives. They are special. How can we as a society expect them to behave responsibly? maturely? like, dare I use this word, gentlemen? The players who do set positive examples should not be the exceptions, but unfortunately, the “good guys” are not the ones who grab the headlines. .

What would you do?

Got a call yesterday from a neighbor. And although I’ve lived in this house for more than 13 years, I’ve NEVER spoken to this neighbor. Not because I’m not friendly, but because well, he’s odd. Eccentric. Weird. Unsettling.  Does not socialize. At all. Lives alone. I’m fairly certain that he is somewhere on the autism spectrum…. at the very least Aspergers. Never socializes. Will not make eye contact. Only mows his yard a few times a year. Trees are completely overgrown. I imagine the house looks like something off of that show Hoarders. Purely speculation, though.  Just wanted to set the stage so you don’t think I’m heartless.

He called me yesterday. Didn’t introduce him, didn’t ask who I was. Introduced himself by saying his house number.  (?) Asked for my father-in-law or my husband by name  (they share a name).  Remember, I’ve NEVER spoken to him.  I asked who he wanted to speak to (we live next door to my in-laws and sometimes get phone calls/mail/deliveries etc. for each other.)

Come to find out he had asked my mother-in-law to pick him up at the hospital today at 1pm after he had some sort of outpatient surgery. Now, without question, my mother-in-law is a way nicer person than I am. She is a retired nurse and is giving and, very quietly,  very generous and helpful to those in need. She takes friends and acquaintances to the store and to chemo etc. etc.  She had said she would pick him up from the hospital.  Bless her.  But, she’s out of town so my father-in-law will be doing the transporting.  Bless him, too.

SO what do you think happens at 10:30 this morning? My phone rings and it is the hospital telling me that “John” is in recovery and needs a ride home. My number, MY NUMBER is the one they have. And I can’t just pull up out front, I have to go in and sign him out.  Really? I can tell you for sure that he doesn’t know my name.

Toyed with the idea of picking him up myself, that would be the Christian thing to do, right? But I’ve NEVER spoken to this man. NEVER. I tracked down my father-in-law and he went to pick him up.  It was just too far out of my comfort zone.  By about a mile.  or two.  And, of yeah…. I work full-time! From home, but still….

What would you do if the “socially handicapped” neighbor, to whom you have never spoken, asked you to do something similar?




First post….
at the urging of friends, who for unknown reasons, enjoy my observations and the occasional rant about family, business travel, and humankind.

I hope to develop some discipline about this blog… but considering all the plates I must keep spinning to make sure things continue to run smoothly, only time will tell.


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